Apr 25, 2023

Medical Donor Advocate Supervisor

  • Lifeline Stem Cell
  • Indianapolis, IN, United States

Job Description

Job Summary:

Provide the Medical Donor Advocate with the training they need to perform the Medical Donor Advocate position. The trainer is responsible for making sure that the Medical Donor Advocate complete the SOP, Training Competency Assessment, Stericycle, HIPAA, and Sexual Harassment. Make sure that all training documents are signed off

Essential Duties:

  • Assure the trainer has trained each tech on how to recover Cord Blood, Umbilical Cords, Amniotic Fluid (in hospitals where we perform this procedure) and Placenta. To make sure that the tech recovers according to SOP procedures.

Review and maintain the training records for all new techs until they are signed off for recovery procedures according to SOPs. Conduct mock scenarios to make sure that the techs have a thorough understanding of the policies that they have read. Explain the monthly/ individual goals and expectations for their recovery.

Sign off on new policies to ensure that knowledge of new policies, as well as confirmation that training is performed on the policies pertaining to recovery.

Randomly review of the charts to be sent to the office. You should review 50%- 70% of your hospital's charts for completions.

  • Randomly attend some of the tech recovery so that we can be assured that policy is being followed. For all new techs, the trainer must observe all the training or appoint a person that has been approved by the Training manager to support the training of a new person.

Meeting with the Manager monthly to exchange information on the training or the recovery staff and assuring they meet their competency skill level. To identify when or the re-training will be necessary. Meet with each of the advocates that report to you once a month.

  • Participate and assist in all training. The training supervisor is to spend time with each new tech before they are signed off to work alone. He/she must observe all final training before signing the new tech off.
  • Conduct performance reviews for Medical Donor Advocate. This includes putting the correct calculations from the tracking report and the paperwork error sheets.
  • Perform monthly stats and send them by the 15th of each month. Make sure that all hospitals have the supplies they need. Make sure that there are no expired supplies/inventory at the hospitals or in the PODs.
  • Could be needed to work an open schedule, with availability to work days, nights, and weekend.
  • To schedule and staff your reporting hospitals to maintain adequate staff to meet the needs of the hospital.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that you and your Medical Donor Recovery person follow the attendance policy. It is your responsibility to update the attendance tracking sheet when a CARE form needs to be completed. You should make sure that when you staff is out of excused absence that you review the attendance and Tardy policy with them.
  • Perform all duties as it pertains to the Medical Donor Advocate and all other work duties as assigned. Make sure that supplies and inventory are ordered.
  • Conduct interviews for open Medical Donor Advocates positions. Document the result and send recommendations for hire to Human Resources.


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the person assigned to this position. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and Responsibilities associated with this job. This is not intended to be an employment contract of any kind.


Previous Managing experience

High School Graduate, and Associated Degree (desired)

Past Medical Donor Advocate experience or One year of equivalent medical work experience required

Proven experience in training and educating.