Addiction Recovery Medical Services

  • Statesville, NC, United States
Addiction Recovery Medical Services Statesville, NC, USA
Job Description Responsible for the daily supervision and coordination of work performed by Billing staff. Responsible for patient accounting and customer service. Provides billing support and guidance to physicians, nurse practitioners, counselors and all clinical staff. Monitors billing activities to ensure and address preventable revenue loss. Works alongside Billing Outsource Company to ensure all services performed are billed appropriately and collected in a timely manner. Essential Functions: * Directly supervises the day-to-day activities of Billing staff to ensure work assignments are complete and deadlines are met. * Interviews patients (both new and established) and completes paperwork regarding insurance, grants and any financial needs. Ensures the patient understands their financial obligation to the organization and keeps detailed records of these transactions. * Verifies all patient insurance coverage and handles precertification when required by patients' plan and...