Medical Essential Diagnostics

  • Baltimore, MD, United States
Medical Essential Diagnostics Baltimore, MD, USA
Job Description Salary: $19.04 - $22.00 We're looking for an experienced and motivated individual to join our team. The successful candidate will work directly with the company's executives to support a fast-paced, high-volume environment. Responsibilities include writing, editing, filing and creating reports. You'll also be responsible for collecting billing notes from our clinics' receptionists around Maryland, making sure they are documented correctly and relaying those documents to our billing department. Responsibilities: * Transfer sheets from clinics to drive. * Relay information from our clinics to our billing department. * Assist in the organization of our billing processes. * Handle outgoing phone calls. * Take scheduled patients insurance and reach out to provider to receive approval for billing * Determine the correct billing codes for the services rendered. * Be able to understand and interpret policy details. * Maintain contact information for billing department.