PayerFusion Holdings, LLC

At PayerFusion Holdings, LLC, we take pride in being the solution for self-funded programs, international insurers, providers, and anyone who requires unique and effective health plan and third-party administration services. As the next generation of healthcare cost containment and claims managements technology. Help us help you minimize your burden today with our health plan administration, specialty services and cost containment solutions.

Our TPA services empower clients with access to the entire cycle of policy and medical claims administration.

Our cost containment and medical claims processing achieves claim integrity and bill reductions like no other third-party administrator in the U.S. and international.

PayerFusion’s innovative TPA services utilize the latest medical claim processing technology coupled with our unique healthcare cost containment methodologies to provide you with the sharpest advantage possible. Our rules-driven medical claim administration tools enable you to remain competitive and compliant in an environment of ever-increasing costs and regulations.