MedCost Contain, LLC

MedCost Contain, LLC, provides support services in personal injury litigation concerning cost and necessity of services. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 18.001 et seq. governs the use of affidavits to prove up the reasonableness of the cost and the necessity of medical treatment.

Medical providers sometimes bill amounts that are excessive for the cost of the services and retaining qualified experts to controvert those affidavits can be costly and time consuming. We provide e-file ready counter affidavits, pursuant to Texas CPRC 18.001, to controvert Plaintiff's affidavits concerning cost of services, based on the reasonableness of charges and/or the necessity of treatment. Our counter affidavits are typically made by experts from the same geographic area and medical specialty as the healthcare provider whose affidavit is being controverted.

Our company continues to grow. We are seeking coders who are willing to learn and be team players. We also seek individuals who possess knowledge of CMS principles, rules and regulations, and the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, as well as the National Correct Coding Initiative principles.