Pafford EMS

  • Oklahoma City, OK, United States
Pafford EMS Hope, AR, USA
JOB DESCRIPTION Responsible for appropriate and accurate coding of ambulance claims for submission to appropriate payer to appropriate and timely reimbursement of ambulance services. Ambulance Billing Coder converts patient's information into standardized codes which are used on documentation for healthcare insurance claims and for databases. Medical coders assist in the reimbursement of ambulance claims from healthcare insurance companies. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: •Entering Patient Health Information into the TriTech system from the ZOLL Web PCR •Assigns appropriate ICD-10 codes based on the information documented in the patient care report •Assign the appropriate level of ambulance based on the CAD report •Assign appropriate charges for services supported by the patient care report •Review documentation to determine medical necessity of the ambulance transport and enter appropriate billing narrative to each claim •Ensure that all necessary documents are present...