DNA Comprehensive Therapy Services

  • Fort Myers, FL, United States
DNA Comprehensive Therapy Services Fort Myers, FL, USA
Job Description Job Description Description: Job Summary: The Billing Specialist is responsible to provide support to providers, coworkers and customers internally and externally on billing related inquiries. The employee works/reviews all claims prior to their submission using department guidelines and Athena. Responsibilities & Standards: Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills with patients, coworkers and insurance carriers. Well-versed with all HIPAA Guidelines to ensure the protection of patient information from unauthorized inquiries. Process and post payments when necessary Works hold accounts in Athena within a timely manner Resolve patient complaints within a minimal timeframe, same day whenever possible Meet timelines for reprocessing Athena claims after updating the account with new information as provided by patients or physicians within the guidelines and timeframes permitted by the insurance carrier Advanced knowledge of CPT codes and modifiers...