Ace Wellness Center

  • Berea, OH, United States
Ace Wellness Center Berea, OH, USA
Job Description We are currently hiring a talented Medical Health Biller and coder. This candidate will review the information written by clinicians and add that to a client's records, often using electronic health records (EHRs) to input information. They work with insurance companies to make sure that services bills are covered, and that bills for any copay a patient might owe are delivered. The individual in this role must be a sufficiently motivated, ambitious, enthusiastic and community driven to be a fit for this role. Knowledge of Behavioral Health is a plus. This role requires determination, initiative, a positive attitude and strong communication skills. Essential Functions: * Maintaining patient confidentiality and information security * Tracking payouts to determine accuracy * Running reports to resolve inaccuracies * Constant communication with insurance agencies * Reading and analyzing client records * Determining the correct codes for patient records * Using codes to...